UK-Wide Cigarette Waste Recycling Programme Available

Recycling cigarette waste is now possible with a nationwide scheme called the Cigarette Waste Brigade®.

The Cigarette Waste Brigade® scheme takes cigarette related litter – including butts, cigar butts, ash, used and unused cigarette filters, rolling paper, inner foil packaging and outer plastic packaging and enables them to be recycled into a variety of useful plastic products, such as delivery pallets, with any remaining tobacco or paper being composted.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between TerraCycle and Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and aims to provide the motivation for people across the UK to help to clean up their communities by diverting the billions of cigarette butts, which currently end up in landfills into new, useful products.

The Cigarette Waste Brigade® scheme works with individuals and businesses. More details available here

Choose a free standing or wall mounted cigarette bin with an inner liner, making it easier to empty and your one step further toward a cleaner world.


Please note - Bins-Direct UK is in no way affiliated with the Terracycle or the Cigarette Waste Brigade® scheme.