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  1.  A Buyer's Guide to Cigarette Bins and Outdoor Ashtrays 


A Buyer's Guide to Cigarette Bins and Outdoor Ashtrays

Before purchasing a cigarette bin, consider the following factors:


  • Location

  • Upkeep

  • Safety

  • Added extras


BDW01c - Compact Ash Curve Cigarette Bin

1. Location

The size and shape of your outdoor space determine the type of bin you need.

For smaller outdoor smoking area wall-mounted cigarette bins are a good option. Past designs have been quite boxy, but new, more contemporary styles have a much slimmer profile ensuring they sit cleanly against the wall.

Quality wall-mounted cigarette bins also include a slated stub plate which is easy to wipe clean, improving the overall look.

FEATURED : Compact Ash Curve Cigarette Bin 


Stainless Steel Ash TowerFor larger outdoor spaces, free-standing cigarette bins give you the flexibility to move bins according to anticipated use. Alternatively, if there are set entrance and exit pathways within your outdoor space, base-mount them into a set position.

Key features to look out for in quality free standing/base mounted cigarette bins:

                •       Elegant safe-spacing designs ;
                •       Manufactured in robust, rust-resistant stainless steel, suitable for the UK climate;
                •       Protective weather hoods to prevent ash and cigarette butts from being spread around.


FEATURED: Stainless Steel Ash Tower




For extra space-saving solutions, you might also wish to consider ash and litter bin combination for your outdoor space.

Or taking advantage of our multi-buy discounts and buying a number of small bins to position around your smoking area.



Compact Ash Tower Cigarette Bin 

2. Upkeep

Think of your investment in cigarette bins not only in terms of cost but in time. Specifically, the time taken by your team to empty, clean and maintain the bins.

Choose a bin made from rust-resistant metal.  It will last longer. Look out for slatted stub plates and an integral collection box too as they are easier to empty and to clean.

A secure locking system will prevent tampering or damage.

FEATURED: Ash Tube - Aluminium 




Heavy Duty Cigarette Bin

3. Safety

Always make sure the cigarette bin you select is designed so that even lit cigarettes can be disposed of easily and safely. Look for oxygen restricting designs like this slated stub plate in this wall-mounted bin, or these three holes designed to reduce fire risk in this free-standing bin.

FEATURED:  Heavy Duty Tapered - Ash & Litter Bin Stainless Steel 









4. Added Extras

Once you have an idea of what style best satisfies your space-saving, maintenance, and safety requirements, take a look at other factors like style, colour and advertising spaces.

And don’t forget to check out our multi-buy discounts. Buy 5 or more and you could save up to 20%.

If you’ve any questions, please contact us. We're happy to help.